Scheffres Laundry Services provides professional installation and servicing of laundry room equipment. We service, sell, and lease equipment from today’s leading manufacturers, such as Speed Queen. Notably, our experienced team is always ready to respond rapidly to service issues, and is totally dedicated to 100% client satisfaction.

Expert Installation
When Scheffres manages your laundry room operations, we handle all of the details starting with professional installation. We’ll deliver your commercial washers and dryers, and our trained technicians install every machine. Expert installation also includes evaluation and set up of proper plumbing and venting to protect your property.

All of our technicians are experienced in installing commercial laundry machines in multi-housing locations. That means you don’t need to worry – the job will be done right and your laundry rooms will be ready.

Customer Care and Machine Maintenance
Scheffres offers the convenience and peace of mind of having laundry services completely handled. When you contract with Scheffres, we’ll outfit your laundry room with top-of-the-line commercial washers and dryers and we handle all of the service and maintenance.

We understand keeping your laundry equipment in top condition is crucial for resident satisfaction. That’s why at Scheffres, we make maintenance and service a top priority.

If you ever have a problem with a machine, we typically can have a trained service technician out within 24 hours or less. Our service staff is ready to go with all the necessary parts to repair equipment on the spot, so your machines will be in good working order in no time!

The Latest Technology
You may not think of laundry as a high-tech industry, but at Scheffres we’ve invested millions in technology to transform the laundry room experience for our customers. Technology enables us to maximize laundry room profits, deliver superior service, keep a pulse on what’s important to our customers, and maintain an exceptional lifetime customer retention rate.

More reasons why you can trust your relationship with Scheffres Laundry Service:

  • Twenty-Four Hour Courteous Service
  • Professional Installations
  • Locally-owned and Operated
  • Easy to Understand Lease Terms
  • Competitive Commissions
  • Commissions Paid on First of Each Month
  • Coin and Card Operated Washers and Dryers
  • Energy Efficient Laundry Equipment
  • Prompt Refunds
  • Full Accountability
  • Liability Insurance
  • Flexible Vend Pricing

For more information about Scheffres and to discuss your laundry servicing needs, contact us today at 240-965-6040 or

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Scheffres Laundry Service is a leader in the laundry service and equipment industry. Based in Beltsville, Maryland, we serve customers throughout Maryland, Northern Virginia, Washington, D.C., and Delaware. Our clients include some of the area’s premier property management companies, as well as property owners and operators. Best of all, we have a well-known track record of success.

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